Book Review: Not Here To Make Friends by Jodi McAlister is the cherry on top of the Marry Me Juliet series

Not Here To Make Friends

Delving into the world of reality TV with a flair for drama, Not Here To Make Friends by Jodi McAlister introduces us to Murray O’Connell, a seasoned producer navigating the tumultuous waters of a Bachelor-esque reality show, Marry Me Juliet.

Tasked with concocting a captivating narrative by the demanding showrunner, Murray faces the challenge of finding the perfect antagonist to stir up the necessary conflict. Enter Lily Fireball, his ex-best friend and a former producer intimately familiar with the show’s dynamics. As Murray casts her as the show’s villain, their complex history resurfaces, blurring the lines between reality and performance.

McAlister’s narrative serves a moreish delight, seamlessly blending love, drama, and the glitz of reality television. The characters, particularly Murray and Lily, exhibit a charmingly scheming nature, adding layers of intrigue to the storyline.

Despite not having read the previous instalments, the book stands alone, offering a fresh take on the reality TV genre. However, amidst the enjoyable narrative, occasional clichés and predictability surface, slightly diminishing the overall impact.

The novel’s time jumps and multitude of characters contribute to its dynamic yet occasionally confusing narrative. While the plot’s twists and turns keep the reader engaged, some aspects may feel far-fetched or anticipated. Nonetheless, for fans of drama-filled romances and reality show aficionados, Not Here To Make Friends presents an entertaining escape into the world of fabricated love and rivalries.

In essence, while not a groundbreaking work of fiction, McAlister’s novel offers a pleasurable reading experience, blending the guilty pleasures of reality TV with the charm of a romantic comedy.

For those seeking a light yet engaging read with a dash of escapism, ‘Marry Me, Juliet: Season Eleven’ delivers on its promises of drama and entertainment.


Not Here To Make Friends by Jodi McAlister is available now from Simon & Schuster. Grab yourself a copy from Booktopia HERE.