Exclusive Single Premiere: Lima Delta “Ghosts” (2024)

Lima Delta

It’s always exciting when we get to debut the first release for an artist, and we are thrilled to have that honour today in premiering “Ghosts” from Lima Delta.

When the pandemic hit, Lima found herself scrambling to find a job. One industry that kept running was mining, and Lima found herself driving sixty-tonne articulated trucks in the outback. It was a far cry from her usual habitat. And one that felt utterly foreign to her. She was the only female on the team, and unsurprisingly, it wasn’t easy to fit in.

However, it did provide ample time to think, and during these long shifts, Lima put together the songs that will comprise her debut album, Rue the Day, to be released later in the year. The album promises to explore love, loss, mental health and isolation.

“Ghosts” is the lead-single and vividly describes the challenges of having unwanted thoughts. The remoteness of the job can’t have helped.

“How come my head is friends with so many ghosts
Things I almost did, and songs I never wrote
How come my head is friends with so many ghosts
The secrets hid, and the promises I broke”

It may be the first release for Lima under this new project, but it’s beautifully assembled. Her vocals have a radiance to them, paired with a driving beat keeping it rolling along, with synths that give it a solid dance vibe. “Ghosts” from Lima Delta is an absolutely cracking debut.

The clip was shot on location in Patterson in Queensland, and was directed by Luis Bran. “Ghosts” will be released on Thursday, the 8th of February. In the meantime, you can enjoy our exclusive premiere.

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