Exclusive Single Premiere: Ruby Jones “Feeling of Falling” (2024)

Ruby Jones

Melbourne’s Ruby Jones is back with her new single, “Feeling of Falling”. This is the first single to feature on the successor to Ruby’s 2021 debut album, The Woman Who Loves You. We’re delighted to be premiering the track ahead of its release on Friday.

The track was inspired by the difficult series of lockdowns that Melbourne endured during 2020-2021. The virus is reimagined as a contemptible lover who is failing to take the relationship seriously. Ruby explains:  “I had to reconceptualize what I was going through at the time. I found the pandemic impossible to process or understand so in order to write about it I needed to reframe the experience into something that I could relate to. I write love songs of all natures, so this was my way of turning something so huge and so global into something that I could really speak to, a song about heartbreak. I thought about what I’d say to the virus if it was an antagonistic lover, I have more experience with those than I do with plagues” 

The track has a grand, lush soundscape. Ruby sails headlong into stormy seas, buffeting about in a relationship that is doomed. Her voice is rich, powerful and upbeat, a sweet justaposition to the ill-fated romance. Ruby and the band are captivating on “Feeling of Falling”. It leans into more than one genre, and I’ve been getting some feels of the great Mary Black.

The vocals revel in the cocoon of her kick-arse band. It features co-writer and lead guitarist Jules Pascoe (Husky, Jazz Party, Jaala), bassist Joel Loukes (Riley Catherall) and drummer Selwyn Cozens (Buttered Loaf).  The band self-produced the track old-school on a circa 1970 Tascam 34B four-track tape machine, and it was mixed and mastered by Matt Redlich (Holy Holy, Ainslie Wills, Husky).

If you are in Melbourne, don’t miss the opportunity to catch Ruby launching the single at the Gasometer in Collingwood on Friday, 1st March. Tickets are available HERE.

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Header photo credit: Lilli Waters

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