Exclusive Single Premiere: Jas. “Ordinary” (2022)


Naarm/Melbourne-based Artist Jas. has well and truly put herself on the list of artists to watch with the release of her first two singles, “Wish You Well” and “Care Too Much”. The talented singer/songwriter is back for her second release of 2022, “Ordinary”, a track about being anything but. We are stoked to be premiering the track ahead of its release on Friday.

“Ordinary” tracks the challenges faced by a singer/songwriter to make traction and find ‘success’ in the challenging music industry, “I’m feeling ordinary, but I know I can be so much more”. Programmed beats and modern synths give the track a fresh feel, with the passion and honesty of the lyrics striking a chord. “Ordinary” will be on her debut EP, Along The Way, which Jas. and her team at Hy-Lo Creative will be releasing on the 25th of November.

About the track, Jas says. “When I wrote Ordinary, I intended for it to be the final of three singles that would tie off a narrative about perseverance, and my journey up until this point. But when it came together, it felt like there was a lot more to say. The lyricism, the production and the vision felt like an evolution of my sound and it’s what encouraged me to continue with the journey of what became the EP, ‘Along the Way’.

The song is about wanting more from life; feeling miserable with your current circumstance but knowing there’s greater things you want to achieve and will, if you rise above the challenge and don’t waiver from your dream. Being a triumph story in many ways and reflective of my journey with music, my label and I always felt it would translate powerfully into a music video. While away with my team, writing for this EP, we worked really hard to conceptualise this body of work and the complementary pieces that come with it. I’m super proud of the video, as not only does it speak to the messaging of the song, but also was an incredible experience created with some of the people closest to me.”


As a much-added bonus, we also have the accompanying video clip from the track. It beautifully tracks the narrative of the song and has a short-film feel to it. It’s set in a cafe, a common workplace for aspiring musicians. The clip was written and produced by George Yacoub of Hy-Lo. It was directed by Sana Pangal of Evadere Studios, and shot and edited by Iain Soumitri of Soumitri Studios.

About the clip, George says “Having a record as special and relatable as “Ordinary”, made it necessary to create a visual counterpart that would really amplify its messaging. The video shares a narrative, with Jas as its main character. This gave us the chance to challenge the status quo and find ways to incorporate dialogue within the video, creating a somewhat fusion between a music video and short film. I hope anyone that watches the video can see themselves in Jas’ journey, and know that dreams can come true, you just need to stick with them.”



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