Exclusive Single Premiere: Imperial Broads “Another Planet” (2021)

Imperial Broads

Sydney band Imperial Broads have been teasing out tracks from their forthcoming album, Counterpart. We are thrilled today to be premiering the third single; the swirling psychedelic “Another Planet”.

In keeping with the title of the song, the track opens with a moody celestial feel to it.  Throw in the 60s-style harmonies and then finishing off with a killer sax solo, “Another Planet” is a happy trip to get on board with.

The band is comprised of Pip Smith, Eve Lande and Lauren Crew. The track was written by Pip Smith, and the sax solo was provided by Marcus Whale (Collarbones, Black Vanilla).  Danny Heifetz (Mr Bungle) wrote and added the vibes.  “They were two big wins that really made the track sparkle; made it sound even better than I hoped it would!” says Smith.

Smith sought out the feel of some of the great girl-groups of the ’60s, hence some trippy harmonies in the track:  “I was once in a girl group cover band, and I still love that genre, so I had The Shangri-Las and The Ronettes in mind when writing this song – but the sweetness slips and gives way to something darker/grittier,”

So whilst it may have a celestial feel to it, inter-galactic themes and a throwback to the great harmonies of the 60s, it can just as easily translate to seeking refuge in an imaginative shelter as Smith explains: “On the surface, the song’s about whimsy, how it’s really an escape route to ‘Planet B’ (which could be one’s imagination, or even, more literally, the afterlife, if we’ve already decided to opt out of this life) when Planet A seems too hard. Planet B might not necessarily be an improvement, but yearning to go there might be enough.”

The bands next album, Counterpart will be released on the 24th of September via Broken Stone Records/Remote Control Records. It promises to be a great mix of styles, as each member of the band wrote four songs. Smith explains the variety “From doo wop to art rock, to post punk, we never tried to smooth over the weird edges of our tastes, but embraced them and pushed them further.”. Now, that’s something to look forward to. In the meantime, enjoy the fabulous “Another Planet”.

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