Exclusive Single Premiere: Echo Adore “Fantasma” (2021)

Echo Adore

Perth duo Echo Adore are on a creative roll. Having dropped the entertaining and intense “See Red” earlier in 2021, they are about to release the superb “Fantasma”. We are stoked to have the first listen of this classy offering ahead of its release.

The duo is comprised of Oliver James and Damian Diggs, and again they have created a track that is an amalgam of their favourite influences with their own brand of gloom pop. With strident guitars and smooth melodious vocals, the track has a dark side that is an interesting juxtaposition to the breezy free-flowing melodies running throughout. This is a track that would have you think you are on the dancefloor in a Manchester nightclub or getting loose at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne. Are you in the ’80s or in 2021. It’s all of these.

Of the track, the duo said: “…All the cheesy stories you tell yourself about how you’re the protagonist in your own rom-com. That post break-up fog where you’re always right. We were listening to a lot of Crowded House and INXS, remarking that most pop songs are told from a righteous perspective. We wanted to write one from the other side: the person who doesn’t realise they’re the problem. 

Pop songs, love and negativity. Not the best tasting combination. It has all the tropes of a love song. The gendered gaze, the cries for attention and the saccharine harmonies. But underneath we wanted to have a second commentary on pop songs themselves. The idea that pop can reinforce unhealthy fixations, usually from a male perspective projected onto women.”

“Fantasma” was recorded at Perth’s Blackbird Studios with Dave Parkin (Pond, Karnivool) and William Bowden (Ball Park Music, You Am I) on mixing and mastering.


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