Exclusive Single Premiere: Bambi O’Hara “Crazy Without You” (2020)

Bambi O'Hara

Sydney artist Bambi O’Hara releases “Crazy Without You”, her second single this Friday November 13th. Ahead of the official release tomorrow we’re excited to bring you this exclusive chance to hear the new single early. 

Co-written and co-produced with her producer, and now partner, Tim McArtney, “Crazy Without You” taps into the current global zeitgeist and the restrictions on travel experienced by many. As O’Hara says, “I know so many people that have they people they love in other countries, and sometimes we might feel like we’re going crazy without them, cause I know I do.”

“Crazy Without You” is a contradiction in some ways. It’s an intimate song; one that’s full of introspection, vulnerability and emotionality. And yet, for all its intimacy, it’s carried by a sound that can only be described as big. You’ve got the swelling strings, sultry guitars and some dynamic drumming. For me, there’s almost that classic Bond theme vibe at play, what with the strings and not to mention those bold, brooding vocals. It should come as no surprise that O’Hara draws influence from Florence + The Machine and Lana Del Ray amongst others. 

O’Hara has also created a music video to accompany the single, using footage she’s taken on her travels. The footage comes from over nineteen countries, plus some archival footage. According to O’Hara, “The viewer is in the passenger seat, on a journey through my memories. I’m sitting alone in the car for a few scenes between travel scenes. I guess I’m wanting the viewer to come along for the ride of the song.”

With COVID-19 enforced travel restrictions still ongoing, music videos like these start to take on a greater resonance. And help colour and influence our interpretations of a song. Certainly, the accompanying video injects a stronger sense of nostalgia. As O’Hara notes, “In this surreal time, with a global stand still on travel around the world, this has made the idea of travel (and any memories of travel) intensely magnified and treasured. Who knows when anyone will be able to travel again, like we used to.

So, sit back and let Bambi O’Hara take you on a journey with “Crazy Without You”:

“Crazy Without You” releases November 13th. Pre-save the single HERE.

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