Exclusive Single Premiere: Aqver “WON’T CHANGE ME” (2024)


Upbeat pop songs covering love and politics aren’t usually a natural mix, yet with Brisbane-based producer and vocalist Minn Aung, aka as Aqver, it just feels ever so right, in his latest high-energy bop, “WON’T CHANGE ME”. We’re super excited to be premiering this new track ahead of its release on Friday.

“WON’T CHANGE ME” follows on from his recent successful releases, including “Never Meant More” and “GREATEST VIEW”.

In a time when the differences in political opinions across the spectrum are possibly greater than ever before, exploring whether you can get together with someone from ‘the other side’ is spot on. Combined with fun glitzy synths, acoustic guitars, and a light-on-your-feet killer dance vibe, this is a sweet exploration of what could seriously undermine a relationship.

Aqver gives us some insight into “WON’T CHANGE ME”  – “I wanted to write a song detailing a romance, but didn’t wanna venture down the typical love-song route. So I meshed it in with the theme of politics, given how relevant it was in how it informs all of our opinions.”

Aqver has teamed up again with his long-time collaborator, Vince Lapore. It’s their fourth collaboration together, with Vince providing the intricate melodies and enchanting harmonies, and Aqver the sweet finesse on the classy production. “WON’T CHANGE ME” is a track that resonates hard in the real world of relationships, compatability and negotiation, and at the same time is an upbeat bop with gorgeous melodies, silky smooth vocals and captivating production.

Get on board the Aqver express with “WON’T CHANGE ME” – out this Friday, but you can have a sneaky listen here first. And, be sure to pre-save it HERE.

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