Exclusive Single Premiere: Annoying Neighbours “The Plea” (2023)

Annoying Neighbours

We are blessed in Australia with psych-rock bands at the moment. There are the global superstars Tame Impala, the legendary King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, the fabulous Psychedelic Porn Crumpets and up and comers The Lazy Eyes. You can also throw into the mix the awesome Brisbane outfit, Annoying Neighbours, who are finding their own legion of fans.

We’re thrilled to be premiering “The Plea”, the first taste from their upcoming album, ahead of its release on Thursday. The track intensifies as the vocals plead for freedom and escape – “I’m begging on my knees” . “The Plea” is packed with fuzzy guitars that riff off each other, dovetailing with the melody, and is mesmerising. This is psych rock of the highest order. Come and pray at the altar of Annoying Neighbours.

About the track, the band writes: “This song came about out of desire to try and create something a little ‘left field’ compared to our previous work. We also wanted to challenge ourselves to see if we could write a song that was more ‘relaxed’ compared to the energy of the last two EPs, while still being highly engaging and true to ourselves. To do this we decided to delve deeper into the sound and style of psychedelia, which we had begun to explore lighty on our second EP ‘The Void’.”

The band is now busy at work on their upcoming album. Their style and sound has evolved as the band has matured, leading to their own brand of psych rock,  as band member Jack Pickering explains:  “Everyone in Annoying Neighbours loves psych rock so much and in many ways it ties us together. What I find interesting though is that you have so many different styles that all fit into this one genre. For example, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Tame Impala, Pond, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, etc. are all psych rock bands unquestionably, but none of them feel sonically and stylistically the same. They have their own psychedelic sound and style. I am really proud of this song specifically because I feel like the style we have captured is very unique to us, and while inspired by these incredible bands, does not directly sound like any of them”

Jaidyn Harrison from the band gives us further insight into how “The Plea” reached it’s final mastered status: “I wrote the original demo of ‘The Plea’ and the final track drew heavily on this in terms of the vocals and guitar parts. But it was through jamming and hours of back and forth conversations and ideas, we were able to develop it. New melody ideas, vocal harmonies – and some ‘special sauce’ as we like to call it – are all a direct result of this and gave the track the extra spice it needed. This song is easily one of the tracks that we’re most proud of and a great example to show our fans that we’re more than just a punk band from Brisbane. We can explore, we can expand, we can be ourselves.”

They recorded the track in Newcastle at New Brain Communications, where it was mixed by Dhare Labbe. It was mastered by Joe Carra of Crystal Mastering.

Enjoy our exclusive premiere of “The Plea” before its release on Thursday. Also, be sure to pre-save it HERE.

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