Exclusive EP Premiere: Vanderlay – Doubtful Sound (2024 EP)


Hailing from Melbourne and now splitting his time between there and Paris, Caspar Conrick releases incredible folk-infused music under his moniker Vanderlay. Earlier this year, he released two striking singles, “Assimilate Strangely” and “Triumph and Disaster”, and is following these up with an EP, Doubtful Sound, which we are thrilled to be premiering today ahead of its release tomorrow.

The EP consists of six songs that have been crafted with precision and care. They are all deeply personal stories, emotive and detailed, bound together with intricate musicianship and gorgeous vocals. The tenderness of the vocals, with sweet acoustic guitars and beautiful harmonies to match, allow the rich storytelling to come to the fore. With strings, piano, percussion and some woodwind added to the mix, Doubtful Sound is enchanting and an engrossing listen from beginning to end.

“I am a fairly slow writer, songs can often take years to come to fruition, and have to prove their worth before being committed to recording,” explains Conrick. “The songs on Doubtful Sound came up in tandem, over the course of several years; they speak to one another. While each song can stand on its own, the songs on this record feel particularly interconnected. To me, this is always a sign that I’m working on a record, rather than just crafting individual songs.”

Conrick cites his inspiration as coming from the likes of Bob Dylan, Van Morrison and Joni Mitchell, and more contemporary artists such as Aimee Mann and Fleet Foxes. I can also see some parallels in the sonic textures from artists such as Sufjan Stevens and Bon Iver.

Reflecting further on the EP, Vanderlay writes:  “Doubtful Sound feels like the record I’ve been trying to make since I started writing music. It feels like my most personal and coherent work yet. On a personal level, I’m proud of this work and its ability to transport me back to a specific time and place. Beyond creating a personal marker in my own life, I hope people can listen to the record and imprint themselves onto it. I hope it can serve as a companion to the oncoming winter here in the southern hemisphere.”

The EP was recorded at The Aviary Studios in Abbotsford, Melbourne by Fraser Montgomery and mixed by Montgomery with mastering by Adam Dempsey.

You can keep up to date with Vanderlay via his Website, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Spotify

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