Album Review: Green Day’s 14th LP Saviors propels their sound into the future

Green Day‘s 14th studio album, Saviors, marks a triumphant return to their roots, reclaiming the essence of their signature sound. Following the less-than-stellar reception of Father of All Motherfuckers, this latest release emerges as a refreshing revival. As the band gears up to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Dookie and the 20th anniversary of American Idiot this year, Saviors proves that Green Day is not merely dwelling on past glories but is fully attuned to the contemporary musical landscape. Recorded across both London and Los Angeles, the album bears the distinctive mark of Green Day’s long-time friend and GRAMMY® Award-winning producer, Rob Cavallo.

The opening track, “The American Dream Is Killing Me,” sets the stage with a poignant commentary on the current state of the world—a theme that resonates profoundly with Green Day’s enduring passion. The anthem continues with “Look Ma, No Brains,” delivering a surfy, old-school vibe that adds a delightful touch of nostalgia. “Bobby Sox” emerges as a personal favourite, boasting a laid-back guitar riff and an infectious tune that gradually builds, evoking a vibe reminiscent of Weezer.

“One Eyed Bastard” brings a fun and theatrical flair, while “Dilemma” captivates with its catchiness and anthemic chorus. “1981” kicks off with intensity, maintaining a high-energy pace, while “Goodnight Adaline” introduces a more balladic, introspective tone.

“Coma City” presents a playful tune with yet another social commentary, and “Corvette Summer” introduces a classic rock sound, infusing the album with a fun and summery spirit. “Suzie Chapstick” takes a mellow turn, slowing things down a bit.

“Strange Days Are Here To Stay” emerges as a standout track, showcasing a captivating melody and serving as a fun anthem about the impending end of the world. “Living in the ’20s” exudes an upbeat, high-energy vibe with a classic rock influence, driven by powerful guitar riffs.

“Father to a Son” takes a soothing acoustic turn, displaying Green Day’s prowess in crafting beautiful ballads. The title track, “Saviors,” unfolds as an epic and anthemic masterpiece, featuring muffled vocals and stripped-back instrumentation in the verses, leading to a bold and explosive chorus. The album concludes with “Fancy Sauce,” a whimsical acoustic tune that gradually builds. While effective as a closing track, some might argue that the title track, “Saviors,” would have delivered a more impactful finale.

Throughout the album, lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong’s vocals shine, showcasing his fantastic range and emotional delivery. The instrumentation performance from all members is top-notch, and the production is refreshing, providing a seamless backdrop to the band’s sonic exploration. Saviors stands as a testament to Green Day’s enduring brilliance, proving that even after decades in the industry, they can still deliver a stellar album that not only pays homage to their roots but also propels their sound into the future. This is a true return to form, solidifying Green Day’s position as stalwarts in the realm of punk rock.


Saviors is out this Friday, January 19th.