Castratii – Orchid/Surrogates (2010 Single)

Castratii Album copy

Given the band name and album art, you’d be forgiven for thinking Castratii were a hardcore metal group. [Ed: They’re not!?]

The three piece from the Blue Mountains make atmospheric compositions that are so dark and brooding, they may have been taken straight from the bowels of hell. Their new double single Orchid/Surrogates is drenched in ’80s nostalgia, with their metal influences clearly on display.

“Orchid” melds electronic noise with slightly off falsetto harmonies; like a depressing version of Animal Collective. The four minute track is slow moving, and seems as though it’s building toward a great climax, when suddenly it fades into nothing. “Surrogates” sounds very much like “Orchid”, with low pitch synthetic noise juxtaposed with high pitched vocals to create an eerie, jarring sound.

Castratii are a very mellow reincarnation of Nine Inch Nails, with Beach Boys-style harmonies. Orchid/Surrogates is a slow burner, where the sonic manipulation of environmental noise is as disturbing as it is enjoyable. If you like a bit of ambient post-rock with metal nuances, then check out Castratii, and let them enshroud you in their wonderfully black, other worldly sounds.

Review Score: 6/10