Day: 6 May 2021

Rag'n'Bone Man

Album of the Week: Rag’n’Bone Man – Life By Misadventure (2021 LP)

Self-reflection is probably one of the most grounding things someone can do in an attempt to better themselves. Whether it’s stuffing up at work, waking up completely ruined after a big night and wondering where it went wrong, or contemplating a failed relationship, being able to reflect and find those faults allows for quicker fixes,…

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Book Review: Bronwyn Eley saves the best for last with series finale Rising

With the power of two Relics now at her command and with the rebel leader Bellamy finally apprehended, Kaylan has a new challenge ahead of her. In order to rid the world of the corrupting magic of the stones, she must collect all five and destroy them once and for all. But convincing the other…

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Interview: Claudia Karvan on her film June Again and being hungry for new experiences

A staple of the Australian entertainment landscape for over 30 years, Claudia Karvan has amassed countless accolades – including Logie and AACTA Award wins – and an enviable catalogue that has seen her conquer theatre, television and cinema. To coincide with the release of the new dramedy June Again (read our review here), Karvan spoke…

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Top Gift Ideas to Make Your Family Smile

Through laughter and tears, triumph and tribulations, our family members always stick by our side. While there are countless ways to let your relatives know how much you truly appreciate them, ‘gift giving’ is one of the most popular love languages. However, the closer we are to someone, the harder it can be to pick…

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Australia goes ‘big’ for domestic tourism in 2021

Australia may have plenty of kitschy, human-made ‘big’ things, but no amount of overblown bananas or prawns could match the country’s epic landscape. With full respect to our beloved behemothic icons, “thinking bigger” is the crux of Tourism Australia’s next phase in their ongoing “Holiday Here This Year” campaign, and it couldn’t be more inspiring….

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