Book Review: Bronwyn Eley saves the best for last with series finale Rising


With the power of two Relics now at her command and with the rebel leader Bellamy finally apprehended, Kaylan has a new challenge ahead of her. In order to rid the world of the corrupting magic of the stones, she must collect all five and destroy them once and for all.

But convincing the other lords to give up their Relics won’t be easy; years of reliance on the magic they provide means that, for some, it’s all that’s keeping their subjects at bay.

And, as long as Bellamy lives, his rebels – including Kaylan’s brother, Elias – lie in wait, ready to make their next move.

With author Bronwyn Eley‘s world-building as strong as ever, and an unrelenting plotline, series closer Rising makes for a high stakes finale to the Relic trilogy. Full of twists and turns, and led by a beautifully executed cast of main characters, it’s a fine slice of YA fantasy and a conclusion that’s well worth the wait.

Kaylan once again proves to be the true beating heart of the series. Her incredible power remains at odds with her disgust at its origin, and, as more Relics are added to her collection, the tightrope she walks becomes ever more precarious.

Alternating between doubting and fearing her own strength, and unable to leave the stones unprotected – even if it means hurting her loved ones – Kaylan’s descent into paranoia and further isolation makes for gripping reading. And at the core of it all, lies a lingering, troubling thought: what if she can’t give it all up in the end?

In Rising, Eley has truly saved the best for last. As it battles its way to its satisfying conclusion, there’s development in all areas – plot, character, and in Eley’s own writing, showcasing a growing confidence and a genuine love for the genre. A fitting finale to the fantasy trilogy.



Bronwyn Eley’s Rising will be released on May 13th, published by Talem Press. You can pre-order a copy HERE. An audiobook version will be available later in the year.

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