Top Gift Ideas to Make Your Family Smile

Through laughter and tears, triumph and tribulations, our family members always stick by our side. While there are countless ways to let your relatives know how much you truly appreciate them, ‘gift giving’ is one of the most popular love languages.

However, the closer we are to someone, the harder it can be to pick the ‘perfect’ gift. Wondering how to celebrate anniversary or a birthday? Don’t let yourself be paralysed by indecision —  we’ve put together a foolproof list of gifts to wow your closest loved ones.

DIY Gift for your Partner

Your partner is your other half and closest ally in life. If they’re sentimental, a great option for an anniversary or special occasion is to fill up a jar with love-heart shaped sticky notes that each describes a reason you love them or a memory that you’ve made together. For a fun twist, you could also write a different date night idea on each note.

Top Gifts for Mums & Dads

Most mums are pretty worn out after spending 18+ years raising us. That’s why the best gift to give mum is a pampering experience, like a full spa and facial gift card. Spa treatments are proven to relieve anxiety. Not only that, but they’re also great for revitalising tired skin and minds. For bonus points, throw in a bottle of wine.

Meanwhile, if your dad is typical of his era, he might not know a lot about technology but is probably eager to learn. Since he’ll never splurge on it himself, why not treat him to a pair of Bluetooth speakers (like these LG speakers we reviewed earlier) so he can listen to his favourite jams in high quality and show off his music to the grandkids at family barbecues?

Though, we should also mention that spas can reduce stress for Dads too… so if you wanted to get them an experience to share, that’d be the ticket.

Top Gift for Siblings

For the family member you can’t live with and can’t live without, a cute gimmicky gift is a must. For example, a pair of matching monogrammed PJs to wear for a movie night or a set of sibling t-shirts emblazoned with ‘I get us into trouble’ and ‘I get us out of trouble’.

Top Gift for Grandparents

Let’s face it, our grandparents will be happy with the simplest of gifts and will often demand we give them nothing at all! An easy way to delight most grandparents is to give them a beautifully framed family photo. But for a more creative present, why not give them the gift of knowledge? With an Ancestry DNA kit, you and your grandparents can take a journey together back in time to uncover your roots, find ancient migration paths and even potentially discover unknown relatives.

Top Gift for Pets

For your four-legged friend, who gets enough treats year-round, why not go the practical route and invest in a GPS collar? With a GPS collar, you can monitor your pet’s diet and travels to ensure they stay happy, healthy and close to home!

Picking out the perfect gift isn’t always easy, but the choices above are sure to impress your loved ones.