We talk Pitch Perfect 3 with Anna Camp and Brittany Snow at the Australian premiere

Bringing their perfect pitch and poise to the red carpet on the (not-so) eve of the release of the closing chapter of the Pitch Perfect series – appropriately titled Pitch Perfect 3 – founding Bellas Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow and Anna Camp, alongside new recruit Ruby Rose, allowed their devoted fanbase the opportunity to say goodbye at the film’s premiere in November.

Set for a national release on New Years Day 2018, Pitch Perfect 3 follows the defeated Barden Bellas as they hope to rejuvenate both their spirits and their friendship on an international USO tour.  Wilson, Snow and Camp reprise their roles as Aussie wildcard “Fat Amy”, the overly competitive Chloe, and drill-sergeant-in-waiting Aubrey respectively, with the likes of Anna Kendrick, Elizabeth Banks and Hailee Steinfeld similarly returning.

Showcasing their simultaneous enthusiasm and professionalism on the carpet, Brittany Snow and Anna Camp were the epitome of grace as they chatted to The Iris regarding all things Pitch Perfect.


Now, first off, the opening of this film has you all performing Britney Spears’s Toxic, and as a fan I have to say thank you…

Oh my god! It was my favourite dance that we got to shoot, and I love Britney Spears so it was awesome.

Three films in now, are you able to stipulate if there are any songs you wish to perform personally?

Unfortunately not, but I trust the producers, they know what they’re  doing.  They pick the most amazing songs, you know things that aren’t expected which is really cool.

Prior to Pitch Perfect had you had much experience singing?

Yeah, my second job ever as a professional actress was an off-broadway musical in New York City, and I was always doing high school musicals all the time growing up.

So would it be safe to say you and your character don’t share the similar trait of feeling sick when performing?

Definitely!  I mean I have a lot of similarities, but then i’m also totally different from Aubrey…

Are you the drill sergeant?

No! I’m the chillest girl, I’d like to think I can say i’m not uptight.

And the finale of the film definitely gets a bit teary, how true to life was that?

That was all for real, we love each other so much, and it was our last day of shooting with everyone there so all of the hugs and all the tears were genuine.


When you first made Pitch Perfect, did you have any idea that it would become this phenomenon?

Absolutely not, you know when we got this script originally we thought this was something really interesting and witty, but we didn’t think it would become a franchise.  And nor did we know that people would “get it”.  We all thought it was something different, but it’s really amazing that people gravitated towards it.

Did you know much about the world of accapella?

I had no idea! I mean, I had heard about accapella and I definitely knew people competed and that there were championships…but I had no idea about the underworkings, the fierce competitive nature of accapella people.

Now your character Chloe and Anna Kendrick’s character Beca…are you aware of this fanbase that ships for those two characters to get together?

Yes! We learned about it pretty quickly after the first movie was over, and I remember Kendrick looking it up and asking “Do you know that there’s people that write about us”, and I found it so fascinating and also such an honour because I met a girl who realised she was gay from the fan fiction that was written about Chloe.  It’s such an honour to be a character that can make people realise things about themselves.

Out of all three films would you have a favourite song or moment that sticks out for you?

Oh (grabs Anna Camp’s hand) “Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are”, we have an inside joke about why but it’s also a really touching moment for us in the movie.

I have to say that action is not what I was expecting from this film, was that a surprise to you too?

Definitely, I remember reading the script on Thanksgiving last year, with my family like…”there’s explosions?” I was a little torn on whether or not that was going to be a good idea or not, but it does pay off and I love it.

Pitch Perfect 3 opens nationally on January 1st 2018.





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