The five biggest and best trailer reveals from San Diego Comic-Con

Another Comic-Con, another year of rumours, superstars and a whole lot of trailers. Over the last handful of years, Comic-Con has summated itself as the prestige event when it comes to inviting us to unchartered blockbuster worlds. This year has proved no different, with a plethora of trailers to salivate over with a slew of upcoming releases. And with over seventeen trailers released covering both film and television, here at The Iris we are going to run down the five best trailer reveals in the domain of film, beginning with number five.

#5 — Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Continuing the surprising success of Matthew Vaughn’s seminal 2014 film, Comic-Con brought a fresh look at the upcoming sequel to the world of unique espionage in Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Typically showcasing it’s balls-to-the-walls madness, wonderful humour and insurmountable names of talent attached, this trailer infused not only what worked so well with the original but especially how the sequel aims to top those feats. No more so when Julianne Moore’s villain has a secret hideout disguised as a 50’s diner in the middle of the jungle … with Vaughn’s originality in adapting obscure source material on full display. Elevating the hype for the sequel, Comic-Con masterfully revealed the Kingsman.

#4 — Ready Player One

When one traditionally views Comic-Con you tend to imagine Marvel, DC, Fox etc … normally not Steven Spielberg. One of the more surprising trailers to eventuate from the distinguished Warner Bros’ panel was a look into the latest sci-fi extravaganza from Spielberg in Ready Player One. Starring Tye Sheridan and a list of revered pop culture mainstays such as Freddie Kruger and the Iron Giant, this early teaser worked well to teach us of the exciting world of the Oasis. Including the to-be-expected Spielberg magic, the teaser trailer for Ready Player One exploited the divine and unlike anything you’ve seen before qualities a Spielberg film always exudes.

#3 — Bright

Netflix released a trailer for a film that has been billed as a hybrid between Training Day and Lord of the Rings … and it was oddly engaging. Bright, serving as the second collaboration between Will Smith and David Ayer, exerted a world that is both familiar and fantastical, and Netflix’s most expensive original film brought many favours with a highly engaging trailer. It’s a film that on premise alone sounds utterly bonkers, however, showcasing the star power of Smith and Joel Edgerton and the uniqueness of the film’s environment, the trailer for Bright turned a lot of heads. Promising something strange, intense and unlike anything you’ve ever seen in terms of pure genre mash-ups.

#2 — Thor: Ragnarok

It was only a matter of time before the folks at Marvel Studios made an appearance. Where Thor: Ragnarok continues to impress is how it effortlessly appears to deviate away from the standard structure and underpinnings of endless Marvel canon. It’s bright, it’s energetically different, and that is no less apparent in the Comic-Con trailer for Thor: Ragnarok. Full of viscerally splendour imagery, one-liners and a cast ranging from the likes of Cate Blanchett to Jeff Goldblum, the Comic-Con trailer only increases our anticipation from this Taika Waititi adventure. Hulk talks as well that was pretty neat.

#1 — Justice League

It goes without saying, Justice League stole Comic-Con. It looks fantastic, seeing the giants of the DC universe come together and the tale of Gods fighting for hope against a punk-rock vibe looks different and exciting. The near four minute trailer shows off the first real incarnations of DC mainstays such as The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg. While bringing continued greatness for the portrayals of Batman and Wonder Woman. The effects look superb, the music is awe-inspiring and the Comic-Con trailer makes it look certain that DC’s collective of heroes banding together will not disappoint.


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