Interview: Sophie Lowe talks new single “Taught You How To Feel” and shooting Medieval in Prague

Actress and singer Sophie Lowe has returned to the music game with new single “Taught You How To Feel”. An emotive and powerful track, the single follows her 2017 song “Trust” and her acclaimed 2016 EP 2. Produced by Neal Sutherland, “Taught You How To Feel” is incredibly personal, exploring past relationships and the idea of escape. To accompany the track, Sophie has also released a music video, directed by actress Bonnie Wright. I spoke to Sophie about the single, her experiences in the music industry and shooting her new film Medieval. 

Congratulations on the single! “Taught You How To Feel” is based on a tumultuous relationship from your past, do you find it cathartic to write from such a personal place?

Thank you! Yes, It is nice to sing my feelings out. With this song especially. I wanted to put what I went through to use and then let it go forever. It definitely felt good to do that.

The music video was directed by Bonnie Wright, how did your working relationship come about and what’s that dynamic like?

Bonnie and I have been close friends since working together on a film in 2013. She actually directed my first video clip for a song called ‘Dreaming’ and I always wanted to work with her again on something. I knew she would be perfect for this song because she saw first hand what I went through. Luckily enough for me she was keen to direct and I couldn’t be happier with what she came up with! She really went above and beyond.

This is your first release since “Trust” back in 2017, was the writing process any different for you this time around?

I was living in LA in 2017 and I didn’t record as much because I didn’t really know anyone I wanted to work with there. I just moved back to Australia when I wrote ‘Taught You How To Feel’ and went to record it with Neal Sutherland who I worked with on my first two EPs. Recording back in that studio with Neal was very comforting and that gave me the freedom to be vulnerable. We wanted to keep it raw and simple like it sounded on the day we recorded it.

You’ve supported artists like Meg Mac and Montaigne, what’s your favourite aspect of playing with such big Aussie artists?

It was my first experience singing in front of people and I just remember being very nervous!! But when I felt relaxed it was really fun. I loved hearing Meg Mac’s voice every night! It’s killer. Loved the fact I was supporting cool women too. Hopefully I will be able to tour again soon.

What was your experience like working with producer Neal Sutherland on this single? 

I love working with Neal. Whenever I go into his studio we usually have big chats about life and love. It’s kinda like a therapy session for me. He politely listens as I go on and on about my heart! (Thank you Neal). After I showed him the demo of TYHTF we got straight into it, it all felt very natural. We also had a couple of whisky shots to keep that fire burning. We recorded the song in one day and I’m happy with what we came up with. Neal is awesome and I’d work with him again and again and I will.

EP 2 now has over 2 million streams and your previous singles have achieved great responses! How has “Taught You How To Feel” been received so far?

My friends and family told me they like it so that’s nice! I don’t know really.. it’s hard to tell! I don’t have a manager or anything telling about stats and things. I’m just happy I was able to make something positive out of a shitty experience.

You’re in Prague to shoot Medieval, how different is your creative process when you’re filming a movie compared to when you’re making music?

Well when I’m writing a song I don’t have like 70 people watching me do it. Making music is more of a private personal thing. Acting is more of a team effort, so many things that have to come together to make a scene.

Were you always drawn to both acting and singing? What did you want to be when you were a kid

I wanted to be a Lion. I would dress up like a lion a lot. Lol. I was always drawn to performing in some way.

Can we expect any more new music soon or do you have any tour plans? 

Yeah! I’m always writing and I do plan to release more music. I’d love to tour again. Hopefully I will in 2019 🙂

“Taught You How To Feel” is out now. For more information, follow Sophie Lowe on Facebook.

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