Interview: Jamie Lee Curtis on having no fear returning to Halloween (and the fate of Wanda)

As Australia prepares to feel the sharp blade of Michael Myers puncture once again with the release of Halloween, the film’s heroine – and original genre scream queen – Jamie Lee Curtis took to our shores to spread the love of all things Laurie Strode and this four-decade long series.  Gracefully walking the black carpet at the Australian premiere through the week, we briefly caught the star to chat about returning to the genre that made her a household name.

So, is it true that we have Jake Gyllenhaal to thank for you doing this movie?

(Laughs) Well…my guess is that (director) David Gordon Green would’ve found my number another way. He went in through Jake because he knew that Jake had my number.

Did you feel any trepidation taking this on given that it had been so long?

No, nothing at all.  The minute I read it I knew what David was trying to do with it.  And he was just trying to tell the story of generational trauma over a forty-year span.  And it just felt absolutely like the right time to be telling this story.

Did you find it quite bold in his telling of the story, disregarding all the other sequels that came after the original?

No, because this movie is particularly about Michael and Laurie, and then Laurie’s daughter and granddaughter so it’s a story of generational trauma, and the other movies just made it so confusing.

Given that you’re revisiting Laurie Strode after so long, would there be any other character you’ve played that you would revisit? Personally, I’d love to see Wanda (A Fish Called Wanda).

You know what, I think Wanda is long gone! I think she knocked Archie (John Cleese’s character) on his poor little head very soon after, I don’t think they settled down and had children.

Do you think you would return to the horror genre?

You know, I’m in Australia today, I was in Los Angeles this morning!…Who knows…

Halloween is in cinemas now. 

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