Travellers in London are being given the chance to stay in the Men in Black HQ

Head of Sony Pictures Men in Black: International, the studio has teamed up with to faithfully recreate the film’s London based headquarters, and open it up for public accommodation.

Available exclusively on the booking website, two guests per night will be able to book into this very unique stay which will come with a fully immersive “Men in Black experience” and a close look at the original set pieces used in the movie.

The property has been painstakingly recreated from the film, with details from the agent check-in area and the main hall of HQ, to the undercover agent’s bedroom all decked out with a futuristic touch and a pristine white scheme. This includes entry via a subtle identifier, as well as guests being fitted as “agents” with black suit and sunnies before being allow to enter “Black HQ” where and Sony are promising a lot of “unexpected turns”.

We are always looking to be innovative and entertain people all over the world, so we are delighted to be working with”, said Andre Seddoh, Vice President International Marketing Partnerships Sony Pictures. “The collaboration has enabled us to offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to stay in a recreation of the London MIB HQ and extend the hidden universe of Men in Black™: International from the big screen and into the real world”.

Interested travellers who want to book in for the experience can only do so for two nights per booking. You can head on over to to book in a stay on the 30th May now, or you can book in for a stay on the 31st May from 10am GMT on the 23rd May. Prices start from AU $182 per night.

Men in Black HQ will be located at Banking Hall 14 Cornhill, City of London, London, EC3V 3ND, United Kingdom.

Chris Singh

Chris Singh is the Deputy Editor of the AU review and a freelance travel writer. You can reach him on Instagram by following @chrisdsingh.

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