Oya, the Japanese City that turned to stone

It’s not often that pebbles and rocks are the main feature of an attraction, but here in Oya, the proverbial gold really does lie at one’s feet. Oya, known as “Stone City”, sits on the fringe of Utsunomiya. This low-key town has seen a small resurgence in popularity, with a number of modern cafes and…

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A Short Stay in Gyoza City at JR-East Hotel Mets Utsunomiya

Business hotels are one of the most common types of hotels available across Japan, offering no-frills accommodation with a very affordable price tag. But not all business hotels are created equal, and the hotel boom in Japan has left tourists spoiled for choice, with some now offering a few exciting features. JR-East Hotel Mets Utsunomiya…

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Travel to Utsunomiya, Japan’s Gyoza City

Many travelling to Japan may have heard of or been to Nikko, but just an hour south by car lies the prefectural capital city, Utsunomiya. Also within the “Strawberry Kingdom” of Tochigi Prefecture, Utsunomiya offers small city vibes, cultural sights, and as many delicious gyoza as your stomach can handle. Getting there Travel to Utsunomiya…

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