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Series Review: The Continental: From the World of John Wick relates to the acclaimed action films only by name and not nature

After 4 films that amassed acclaim, both critically and commercially, it only makes sense that the world created within the John Wick films be continued in some form separate from the series itself; even though many are hoping the titular character’s rather definitive send-off in Chapter 4 is somehow retconned. Next year will see the…

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Series Review: Based On A True Story is a darkly comic satire on society’s obsession with true crime podcasts

To say society has a fascination with true crime would be putting it mildly.  No longer just contained to a select audience who got their grisly fix on news-skewered programs, true crime – or, more specifically, murder – is now a multi-million dollar business in itself, cornering the market on books, podcasts, docuseries’ and the…

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