Truffle Menu

Truffle dumplings anyone? New Shanghai celebrates fungi with winter menu

As truffle season is here, it’s no surprise that our favourite restaurants have begun showcasing the winter fungus on their menus. As New Shanghai returns with their new winter truffle menu, the AU Review caught up with New Shanghai’s Head Chef Sam Wu, who spoke about all things truffle and the inspiration behind the new…

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North Shore cafe Goodfields Eatery is going truffle crazy this season

Winter is without any doubt one of the most delicious times to be in Australia. Why? Truffles. Those highly prized dirt-sent treasures are everywhere when the temperature drops, and some of the country’s best eatery’s know exactly how to maximise them with inventive dishes making use of the holy fungi. Want proof? Head on over…

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Three Williams Cafe is now doing Golden Gaytime French Toasts and Truffle Toasties

As if their narnies and apple crumble bowls weren’t enough, Redfern institution Three Williams is currently featuring what is perhaps their greatest menu to date. The playful cafe has always been one of the most popular brunch spots in Sydney but they’ve truly taken the cake this year, and it’s only going to get better…

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