Therabody Wave Roller Review: Self-massage just got smarter

September 22, 2020

After launching their highly sought Theragun line of percussive massage guns in Australia, Therabody seem more than ready to grow with the burgeoning world of smart tech wellness products. And their first non-gun step in that direction is the Wave Roller – a smart, vibrating version of the classic foam roller, aimed for a convenient […]

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Theragun Pro G4 Review: A powerhouse, but do YOU need it?

June 9, 2020

Much has been said about the professional-grade Theragun product line and its use for percussive massage therapy. Increasingly, we’re starting to see more professionals take advantage of the easy-to-use devices, particularly now that the 4th generation has been released. But given that these products are publicly available, should the at-home user pay attention as well? […]

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Therabody’s fourth gen expands the world of Bluetooth massage theraguns

May 5, 2020

Rethinking their well-received smart massage guns, Theragun have today announced a swift rebranding. Now known as Therabody, the tech-wellness company has welcomed the arrival of its fourth generation percussive massage devices, focused around the brand’s new proprietary motor, muting a common complaint with QuietForce Technology, and sharpening their focus on Smart Percussive Therapy. And it’s […]

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