Tearepa Kahi

Film Review: Muru educates and entertains as it forms a response to cultural racism

October 15, 2022

When looking at the treatment of indigenous populations the world over, it would be safe to say that any “crime” they have committed is simply existing.  Largely white populations, who have so often taken away the rights and lands that they inhabited originally, hope that apologies and acknowledgements are enough to reconcile their behaviour, but […]

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Interview: Director Tearepa Kahi and legendary Māori activist Tāme Iti on acclaimed new film Muru

October 14, 2022

Selected as New Zealand’s official submission for the 2023 Academy Awards in the category of ‘Best International Feature Film’, Muru is a searing response to real-life events of 2007, which saw police invoke new anti-terrorism powers by launching an armed raid on the Tūhoe people in New Zealand’s Ruatoki region. Directed by Tearepa Kahi and […]

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