Super Mario Party

Mario Party Superstars Review: Celebrate Good Times

I owe the Mario Party franchise a great deal of credit. It’s responsible for some of the best gaming moments I’ve had on a Nintendo console. While Mario Party 3 will always remain my favourite, it’s safe to say that the franchise faltered in recent years, prompting me to drift away from the iconic mini-games…

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Games Review: Super Mario Party (Switch, 2018) will ruin cherished friendships in 10 turns or less

The Mario Party franchise has long established itself as a ruthless destroyer of friendships. From its earliest, controller-ruining days on the Nintendo 64, the series has sought to emulate the classic board game shenanigans of something like Monopoly. But, like Monopoly, a core part of its design involves regularly screwing over anyone unfortunate enough to…

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E3 2018: Super Mario Party is coming to ruin all your friendships

Super Mario Party debuted during the Nintendo E3 presser, filling viewers with equal amounts of excitement and dread.

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