Sarah Shahi

Film Review: Black Adam; Dwayne Johnson dominates an otherwise shaky action spectacle

Given his imposing stature, it makes sense that all the 196 centimetres of chiselled muscle that make up Dwayne Johnson would be put to good use within the superhero genre.  But just why has it taken so long for the artist formerly billed as The Rock to don a skin-tight suit and get to saving…

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Interview: Dwayne Johnson and the cast of Black Adam; “We wanted to usher in a new era in the DC universe”

The world needed a hero… It got Black Adam! A passion project for Dwayne Johnson over a decade in the making, Black Adam is the first-ever feature film to explore the DC Universe anti-hero – an ancient God freed from his tomb of 5,000 years ready to unleash his power on an unsuspecting modern world….

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