Interview: Role Model on Rx, Coachella and click-bait song titles

May 6, 2022

Role Model is the Pittsburg-native turning up heat and making the internet frisky with his debut album Rx – a sexually charged collection featuring songs with titles like ‘masturbation song’, ‘stripclub music’ and ‘die for my bitch’. “In the simplest terms, the album is about the power of a woman and how it healed me […]

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Interview: ROLE MODEL on love songs, Mac Miller and ‘death wish’

November 3, 2021

ROLE MODEL says he’s built his brand on his shadowy sad boy bedroom production that’s made him the internet’s shoulder to lean on. But his few song outliers like “blind” and “forever&more” have been blowing up online, creating depth to this Maine-born, Los Angeles-based artist. His most recent single “death wish” is a stormy pop drop […]

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