red dog

Film Review: Red Dog: True Blue (PG) (Australia, 2016) hardly proves a necessary excursion

Just as emotionally manipulative as the 2011 original Red Dog but less successful in its execution, Red Dog: True Blue looks to merely survive on a superficial level as the “aww shucks” cuteness of the titular canine appears to be the sole reasoning behind this sequel/prequel hybrid coming to fruition. The stunning harsh red dirt…

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The first teaser trailer is released for Red Dog‘s origin story, Red Dog: True Blue

Featuring classic Australian scenery and a very familiar dog, the first teaser for the anticipated prequel Red Dog: True Blue, has been released. The film is positioned as an origin story to Kriv Stenders’ 2011 film Red Dog, which starred Josh Lucas and was a massive box office hit; the number one Australian film in the Box Office…

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Prequel film Blue Dog set for release in 2016

Exciting news for fans of the 2011 film Red Dog! There will be a prequel film to the movie titled Blue Dog which will explore the early events leading up to Red Dog’s discovery. The film is set to be released next year. Red Dog, was a hit for everybody in 2011, directed by Kriv Stenders, it proved…

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