Nat Geo

Review: Tutankhamun gets his own projection-based immersive exhibition with Nat Geo’s Beyond King Tut

September 28, 2022

By now, I’m sure you have had the chance to hear about, or see for yourself, the “immersive” art exhibitions that have seemingly popped up in every corner of the globe. Popularised, in part, by their ability to be adjusted for social distancing guidelines in recent years – even becoming a drive through experience – […]

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We get an inside look at the Melbourne Zoo’s National Geographic Photo Ark Exhibition

July 11, 2017

The National Geographic Photo Ark Exhibition has made its way to Australia and can I just say, what an absolute privilege it is to have it nestled at our own Melbourne Zoo. The Nat Geo family has always been a huge inspiration to a lot of people in not only educating them about our wondrous […]

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