Melissa Leo

Film Review: Measure of Revenge is a hopelessly pedestrian thriller that remains only mildly steady thanks to a solely committed Melissa Leo

March 22, 2022

Whilst it’s not uncommon for usually reliable, oft-Oscar celebrated actors to slip into filmic mediocrity, Melissa Leo must’ve really needed a healthy paycheck when she opted to commit to Measure of Revenge.  Perhaps at one stage offering a script worthy of her talents, but the final 92 minute result – one which mysteriously omits a […]

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Watch the first trailer of Oliver Stone’s Snowden biopic

April 28, 2016

Oliver Stone‘s film, which tells the story of a former CIA employee who leaked classified information from the National Security Agency (NSA) in 2013 officially has its first trailer! Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt who plays the character of Edward, Snowden portrays something a little thrilling to your usual drama. With Gordon-Levitt setting the path to the movie with […]

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