Mark Molloy

Film Review: Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F is a welcome return to form for Eddie Murphy’s iconic character

After tarnishing the one-two punch of 1984’s Beverly Hills Cop and it’s 1987 sequel with the 1994 threequel – one that even the film’s stars have turned against over the years – the Eddie Murphy-led franchise seemed permanently laid to rest. Though there’s been considerable chatter in the three decades since its release, the third…

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Interview: Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F director Mark Molloy on continuing the franchise and improvising with Eddie Murphy

Australian director Mark Molloy has taken on no mean feat when it comes to announcing himself as a feature filmmaker.  After rumblings of a fourth franchise film in the Beverly Hills Cop series for the better part of three decades now, Molloy has finally brought Eddie Murphy’s loveable wisecracking detective Axel Foley back into the…

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