& Juliet

Interview: David West Read on blending Shakespeare and Max Martin-penned pop for & Juliet

What if Romeo’s ending, was Juliet’s beginning? The Emmy-winning writer of TV’s Schitt’s Creek flips the script on Shakespeare in this hilarious and poignant story of self-discovery and second chances. Legendary songwriter Max Martin delivers one of the most addictive and joyous soundtracks to ever hit the stage, in this inspiring new musical that proves…

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Theatre Review: (Pop) cultures collide in high-energy new musical, & Juliet

Well, dip my eyeballs in glitter. The brand-new musical, & Juliet, is now in Sydney, and it’s a high-energy mash-up of Shakespearean storytelling, 90s pop music, and gender-bending progressiveness. Re-working the story of Romeo & Juliet (1597), the story starts with William Shakespeare (Rob Mills) and his wife Anne Hathaway (Amy Lehpamer) (yes, you read that…

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Theatre Review: & Juliet is a complicated remix of a complicated relationship

You know the classic ‘boy meets girl’ tale – now witness the remix that flips the script on the conventional and gives Juliet the opportunity to be the leading lady of her own life’s story. What if Romeo & Juliet didn’t end with Juliet taking her own life? What if she embarked on a journey…

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