Judy Davis

Film Review: Nitram is a chilling, infuriating, yet respectful drama detailing one of Australia’s most horrific events

The Port Arthur Massacre of 1996 was horrific.  Perpetrated by a violently disturbed young man who shot and killed 35 people at a Tasmanian tourist site, with a legally purchased semi-automatic rifle, it, to this day, remains Australia’s worst massacre committed by a single person in the country’s history, as well as serving as the…

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Sydney Film Festival announces 21 finalists and distinguished jury for Lexus Australian Short Film Fellowship

Sydney Film Festival and Lexus Australia have announced today 21 filmmakers which have been shortlisted by the producers at The Weinstein Company to compete in the largest cash fellowship for short film in Australia. Taking part in the selection process, Australian actress Judy Davis will take the role of Jury Chair. Other jury members include Sydney…

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