Joyce Carol Oates

Alliance Francaise French Film Festival Review: Double Lover is a surreal, sensuous and salacious experience

There are two pleasures in life that without them, we living things would never exist: gastronomy and sexuality. And there are many talented people out there that try their best to portray their interest for it on many artistic endeavours, especially in cinema. Such talented auteurs out there are Paul Verhoeven (Basic Instinct, The Third…

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Melbourne International Film Festival Review: Foxfire – Confessions of a Girl Gang (M15+) (Canada/France, 2013)

In 1950s upstate New York in the small fictional town of Hammond, a group of 15 year old girls band together under the weight of post-war culture which aims to crush them with its sexist, oppressive ideals. Mostly hailing from broken homes where abuse and violence are the norm, these spirited young women form a…

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