Joss Whedon

Film Review: Justice League (USA, 2017) is a fun yet inconsistent ride that breezes by on the charm of its cast

It’s been something of an arduous trek but the Justice League have finally made their way to the big screen.  Long before Joss Whedon earned the tick of approval from comic enthusiasts the world over with his take on The Avengers, George Miller (Mad Max, Happy Feet) was planning on brining the titular crew to…

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Joss Whedon talks about leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Age of Ultron‘s negative reception.

During a Q&A interview earlier this year with the Oxford Union, acclaimed Director Joss Whedon spoke – among many other things – about his decision to leave the Marvel Cinematic Universe at the end of “Phase Two” after the release of 2015’s mammoth hit The Avengers: Age of Ultron. In the interview, which you can view below,…

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