Adelaide Fringe Review: Infamous the Show is a sexy high flying circus with thrills galore

The Infamous circus tent is a beacon in Ellis Park, on Adelaide’s West Terrace, right next door to Adelaide High. The massive purpose built Spiegel big-top houses the Ashton Family touring circus. The circus was acquired by James Henry Ashton in 1850, and today is run by 6th generation Ashtons and is now known as…

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Supanova Interview: Troy Baker talks The Last of Us Part II, his own brand of “nerd” and Critical Role

Even if you don’t know the name, you’re no doubt familiar with the voice talents of Troy Baker, delivering a masterpiece of storytelling with Bioshock: Infinite and the dark and gritty PlayStation exclusive The Last of Us (among many others). Musically, Troy also has a voice you have to listen to, releasing three albums to date…

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