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Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal Review: Push forward into darkness

March 21, 2020

Doom Eternal is a lot of fun. It’s a game that looks directly to the wildly popular Doom 2016 for its cues on just about everything. It introduces a suite of new mechanics that give combat greater depth. It asks you to face your enemies head-on and to never shy away from the challenge. Rip. […]

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Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal unveils its brutal metal choir

March 6, 2020

One of the most beloved aspects of 2016’s DOOM was its furious, hypnotic heavy metal soundtrack. Composed by Melbourne producer Mick Gordon, it perfectly complemented the game’s hellish atmosphere and balletic combat. With DOOM Eternal now only weeks away, metal fans are primed to hear Gordon’s new material. Part of that new material may surprise: Gordon […]

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Rage 2 uses sound and fury to obscure a lack of substance

May 17, 2019

Rage 2 feels like two different games, both of them quite good, shoved inelegantly up against one another. As sales pitches go, it has a great one — Rage 2 is an open-world action game by Avalanche Studios with the meaty combat of first-person shooter royalty id Software. But there’s a strange lack of mechanical […]

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Bethesda celebrates Doom‘s 25th birthday with a commemorative trailer

December 11, 2018

id Software’s Doom, the progenitor of the first person shooter genre as we know it, turns 25 today. A game that was so uniquely itself that the term First Person Shooter was invented so we could stop called them “Doom clones,” Doom is an indelible component in the gaming landscape. To commemorate the 25 year […]

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Bethesda reveals Pete Hines, Tim Willits and Matt Firor are coming to Melbourne for PAX Aus

October 12, 2018

Annual gaming festival Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) is held in multiple cities around the world, and luckily for us Melbourne is one of them! These festivals combine table top gaming, arcade gaming and video gaming and host a stack of tournaments, panels and performances all in the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. A unique aspect […]

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Games Review: DOOM (Switch, 2017): Non-stop demon destruction, now in your pocket

November 18, 2017

God, DOOM is good. It’s so good. It was good when we reviewed it on PS4 last year and it remains good now, almost 18 months later, as it debuts on the Nintendo Switch. One of the biggest questions gamers had for the Switch at launch was whether it could support portable versions of major AAA releases. […]

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Video Games Impressions: Quake Champions (PC, 2016) feels like a welcome home

September 13, 2017

Quake Champions is id Software’s return to the 90’s multiplayer shooter genre that has traditionally been one of their strongest suits. Now in early access, it is both a throwback to the kind of multiplayer shooter that id invented and a clarion call to everyone else with a game in this suddenly resurgent genre — there’ll be no […]

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E3 2016: Bethesda not done with DOOM, new SnapMap and multiplayer modes on the way

June 13, 2016

DOOM is set to recieve a torrent of fresh content over the next few months. That’s according to Marty Stratton from id Software who announced the rash of “new ways to play” at Bethesda’s pre-E3 press event earlier today.

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Video Games Review: DOOM (PS4, 2016)

June 7, 2016

The pleasant surprise has become a real rarity in games today. We know so much about every last game before they arrive now, and from this deluge of information it’s usually easy to identify red flags. Following its explosive showing at E3 2015, I wasn’t sure if DOOM could live up to the adrenaline rush its trailers promised. […]

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