Hong Kong Disneyland

The world’s only Iron Man ride and five other reasons why Hong Kong Disneyland stands apart from other Disney Parks

Hong Kong Disneyland may be the company’s smallest theme park (the recently opened Shanghai park – whose development was memorably slowed to give the Hong Kong Park more time to grow an audience – is no less than 14 times larger than its Southern counterpart), and the only park not to have a true water ride…

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Disney Parks are getting a lot of new rides and attractions over the next two years

Yeah Disney’s biannual company expo D23 has just wound up its first stop for 2018 in Japan, dropping a slew of trailers for Disney properties and many major company announcements. Among these announcements are a number of high-profile additions coming to Disney Parks across the world including some of your Disney-Pixar faves, a ton of…

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Spending a day at the closest Disney Park to Australia – Hong Kong Disneyland

Disneyland Hong Kong is the iconic brand’s second home in Asia, after launching its Tokyo location back in 1983. It’s also the Disney Theme Park that’s geographically closest to Australia – and with the park originally opening in September 2005, that means that this year they recently celebrated their 10th Birthday! I had the chance to…

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