Harry Greenwood

Film Review: Carnifex is a serviceable man vs. beast outing that embraces tension over gore

December 1, 2022

You’d think people would learn by now that no good comes from hoping to find a new species.  Or, in the case of the trio at the centre of Australian creature feature Carnifex, an endangered species they’re hoping may still be alive in the aftermath of a bushfire-ravaged Australian forest. There’s been some controversy surrounding […]

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Theatre Review: STC’s Cloud Nine does much to draw you in to this most powerful play (Performances to August 12th)

July 9, 2017

In a bleak midwinter comes forth STC’s Cloud Nine– surprising, hilarious, shocking and magnificent. The staging bespokes a Kip Williams production in its minimal design, allowing focus to solely rest upon its carefully selected cast. A layer of dirt covers the ground, upon it a glass box to which the actors retire occasionally to be […]

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