Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour

The Phantom of the Opera

Opera Review: Opera Australia delivers The Phantom of the Opera as you’ve never seen it before

The Phantom of the Opera is the longest-running show in musical history. It tells the story of a mysterious and terrifying masked man who lives beneath the Paris Opera House and of a young, talented singer who becomes his obsession. This Opera Australia interpretation, directed by Simon Phillips, is presented on a floating stage on Sydney…

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West Side comes to the East Side of the Opera House

If you love jogging through the Botanical Gardens near Mrs Macquarie’s Chair on a bright Autumn night, be prepared to hear the name Maria echoing through the trees as Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour brings the iconic West Side Story to the outdoor stage. In an effort to top the romance of this season’s La…

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Review: La Bohème brings the romance of Paris to Sydney Harbour (until April 22nd)

If you’ve dreamed of walking the wintery streets of Paris, then get yourself a ticket to this year’s Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour. Their current production of La Bohème is a spectacular tribute to the most romantic city in the world and will have you dancing in the snow despite the unseasonably warm Sydney Autumn…

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Review: Carmen inspires a Spanish feast at Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour – Mrs Macquaries Point (Sydney)

With spectacular harbour views and the Sydney cityscape as a backdrop, Carmen at Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour is a delight for the senses with vibrant costumes, spectacular fireworks, and as a result Spanish-inspired dining. Five different restaurant and bar areas, ranging from casual to fine dining, are on offer for pre-performance experiences. Casual options…

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Handa Opera’s CARMEN spells out the opera in fierce red against the backdrop of Sydney Harbour (Performances until April 23rd)

CARMEN. Big block letters spell out the opera in fierce red against the backdrop of Sydney Harbour, an outline of a bull back to back with the lettering. Nothing takes away from the thrill of gazing upon the stage at Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour each year and seeing the cityscape stretch behind, but this…

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Opera Review: Turandot – Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour (performances to 24th April)

“Turandot!” cue gong in the form of a giant flame-throwing dragon. “Principessa!” cue Turandot’s dazzling appearance at the top of the tall metal tower to descend towards the stage. “Vincero!” cue the dramatic note of Nessun Dorma proceeded with fireworks in the night sky above Sydney Harbour. Handa Opera really knows how to put on…

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