Travelling around Canada by train isn’t just a beautiful experience – it can also be cost effective luxury

You may have heard over the years of the expensive nature of travelling around Canada, especially by plane. It’s a country where internal flights are almost entirely serviced by two airlines – Air Canada and Westjet – both of whom have a mixed reputation, especially when it comes to their ticket prices. And these are…

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Riding the Confederation Line: Where to visit on Ottawa, Ontario’s new Light Rail

This weekend, after six years of construction, Canada’s capital Ottawa welcomes a new light rail line to its city – the Confederation Line. With 13 stations (a combination of under and above ground), the 12.5 km rail network will connect the city to its O-Train LRT like never before. And it’s just the start of…

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A Summer’s Weekend in Canada’s Capital – Ottawa, Ontario: The Knowledge

As we enter the second half of the annual Ottawa Bluesfest in Canada (running until 17th July), we’re bringing you the second half of our feature on a summer’s weekend in Canada’s capital city. A couple of weeks ago we filled you in on the places to eat, drink and shop, and now this week…

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