Gaspar Noe

Film Review: Irreversible: Straight Cut corrects narrative cohesion but maintains Gaspar Noé’s psychological devastation

Few films have shocked me in the manner of Gaspar Noé’s Irreversible. Released in cinemas some 20 years ago, it arrived off the back of its storming Cannes controversy, thrusting the relatively unknown (at least to anyone who didn’t consider themselves a “cinephile”) Noé into somewhat-mainstream relevance.  The film’s storyline, or more correctly its treatment…

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Film Review: Climax (France, 2018) is an orgy of gracefully demented brilliance, drenched in LSD

French enfant terrible provocateur film director Gaspar Noe is back with his physically-impulsive, boundary-pushing sex-and-drugs approach. For those who don’t know, Noe is a prolific filmmaker who pushes the buttons of the audiences in extreme measures and beyond boundaries of good taste. His debut feature-length film, I Stand Alone, contained gruelling violence and references of…

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