Erin Moriarty

Catching Dust is a potent, uneasy thriller enhanced by an arresting Jai Courtney: Tribeca Film Festival Review

There’s a palpable sense of unrest that litters the core of Catching Dust, Stuart Gatt‘s feature debut that speaks to one woman’s sense of autonomy and choosing between the devil she knows and that she doesn’t. The woman in question is Geena (Erin Moriarty), whose isolated Texas desert locale is the result of her violent…

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Sydney Film Festival Review: Blood Father (France, 2016)

One of the first thing that Blood Father makes clear is that John Link (Mel Gibson) is over being a flashy action hero type. It’s old hat to an ex-con like him and he doesn’t want anything to do with it. However, don’t be fooled, Gibson himself seems to be having a hell of a…

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Mel Gibson returns in Blood Father trailer

The grungy Taken-esque Blood Father has a new trailer, with Mel Gibson’s character throwing out some gritty one-liners and blowing away bad guys with his shotgun. While it doesn’t look like anything spectacularly new, it seems like one fans of those movies (Taken, The Equalizer) will probably be keen to see. Blood Father also stars William H. Macy, Erin Moriarty and Elisabeth Röhm. Check out the trailer below:…

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