TV Review: The Chosen is a faith-based series that deepens with interest the further it goes along

April 16, 2020

I’ll admit that faith-based material isn’t always the most attractive prospect for me.  Sure, you have your Last Temptation of Christ‘s and your Passion of the Christ‘s, but His story is one that doesn’t particularly entice me; most likely born from my personal relation to religion as a whole. That being said I certainly won’t […]

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Feature: A day in the life of… Sports Fan, a crowdfunded band

August 1, 2013

There’s a deep dark secret I like to keep from most of my new acquaintances. I am hopelessly fascinated by economics. Economics books take up an embarrassingly large portion of my bookshelves and the majority of my podcasts library is, you guessed it, economics-related. Why the need for secrecy? Well, if I’m completely honest dear […]

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