Cadbury Dairy Milk have just released a range of ice-cream spider chocolate blocks

In the past few years, Cadbury’s slightly more playful Marvellous Creations range has already moved the stalwart dairy milk chocolate brand in the right direction. It’s introduction has allowed for a fresh take on the collection, set to take an even bigger step with this latest release: “Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations Spider”. It’s an…

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Allen’s are bringing a massive pop up lolly bar with rarities and DIY jars to Westfield Sydney

Sugar slingers Allen’s are celebrating 125 years of filling your stomach with lollies by delivering Sydney what they are describing as the “ultimate lolly-lower’s corner store”. It’s a pop up lolly bar which will allow anyone to create their own pick ‘n’ mix from childhood classics, as well as bespoke lolly jars, returning rarities, and…

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