Little Shop of Waffles

Inside Little Shop of Waffles, Sydney’s only bubble waffle café

June 3, 2021

The first thing you notice about the Little Shop of Waffles is the smell. It’s sweet – like sugar and batter – reminding me of Sunday’s spent baking in my Nan’s kitchen. The big difference being my Nan never made bubble waffles and until a few weeks ago, I had never even heard of them. […]

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Review: Devon Cafe nail the winter truffle menu yet again (Sydney)

July 8, 2018

Now that all three of their venues across Sydney (the original Surry Hills location, North Sydney and Barangaroo) are well-established, Devon Café has never been in a stronger position. The highly influential and pioneering café, which arguably bolstered the cities offensive in its ongoing dining rivalry with Melbourne, remains one of the best and most […]

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5 things to do in Singapore that aren’t about Marina Bay Sands

January 22, 2018

With its card deck design, three-acre SkyPark and impressive fifty-five storey height, Marina Bay Sands is by far one of the world’s most unique resorts and is an unmistakable symbol of opulence in Singapore. But when there are queues on a Wednesday night just to go up to the bar, CÉ LA VI, and additional […]

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The 8 best cafes in Singapore worth skipping hawker stalls for

January 14, 2018

Singapore might be known for its South East Asian street food and buzzing hawker centres, but it also has a thriving café culture well worth exploring. Visitors to the lively city can expect to see familiar faces on the menu like avocado on toast and interpretations of the good ol’ big breakfast, but keep an […]

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Sydney’s legendary Jackies launches a refreshed breakfast and lunch menu

December 7, 2017

The iconic Paddington courtyard cafe Jackies have debuted an updated breakfast and lunch menu. Jackies’ new owners Jono and Lucy Bowman purchased the business from the late Jackie Milijash’s mother Gina earlier this year and vow to continue the cool cafe scene of the 1990’s that Jackies notoriously had a part in creating. With new […]

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House of Lulu White brings a cheeky twist to Melbourne’s cafe scene

August 2, 2017

Tucked away behind tinted windows is a seductive new cafe made of something a little more than just your average building materials. What makes House of Lulu White just that little bit special is the unique history behind both the name and the cafe’s location. The site at 4 Yarra Street now takes inspiration from […]

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Review: The Crux & Co. – CBD (Melbourne)

October 4, 2016

Setting up a brand new café directly opposite The Kettle Black, – one of Melbourne’s most popular gourmet cafés – is a bold move, but that’s exactly what Kevin Li (Lights in the Attic, 3Lives) did with his newest project The Crux & Co. Located on the ground floor of The Emerald Apartment on Albert […]

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