BWS Arts n Crafts

BWS debut craft beer and painting class is hitting Sydney this week

March 11, 2020

The team at BWS are launching a debut ‘Art n Crafts’ event in Sydney this week, putting their own little spin on the “paint and sip” trend that has been sweeping the globe. Taking the traditional craft beer tasting and adding a whole lot of creativity, the class will welcome anyone over the age of […]

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Tigerlily’s top five tips on balancing wellness and travel

February 13, 2020

Not only is she one of Australia’s most successful DJ exports, the eternally vibrant DJ Tigerlily (AKA Dara Hayes) is now increasingly known for her sharp focus on all things wellness. Whilst travelling, performing and partying all over the world, the rainbow-haired DJ and producer has managed to maintain a noticeably healthy lifestyle, influential amongst […]

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Hey Australia: BWS is giving away rare 6-packs for free this Friday

October 13, 2019

Coming into the warmer parts of the year, there’s sure to be an increased intake in the nectar of the gods. With a massive push in the past decade towards micro and craft breweries, the domestic and international beer scene has seen astronomical growth, with seemingly every man and his dog now brewing their own […]

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Three new drinks that will dominate Father’s Day this year

August 29, 2019

If the way to dad’s heart is through premium alcohol, you’ve got your job all set out for you this year as Father’s Day fast approaches. Three of the most widely recognised and super premium brands have either released new expressions, or are doing something different for Dad Day, in 2019. And they are well […]

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BWS are now stocking seven different wines in a can

February 7, 2018

With wine on a tap fast becoming a norm for modern bars across the country it was only a matter of time before we got some wine tinnies on the shelves, taking one of the most refined drinking experiences interpreted through ‘Strayan culture. BWS have now launched a huge variety of wine-in-a-can with the good […]

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