Tigerlily’s top five tips on balancing wellness and travel

Not only is she one of Australia’s most successful DJ exports, the eternally vibrant DJ Tigerlily (AKA Dara Hayes) is now increasingly known for her sharp focus on all things wellness. Whilst travelling, performing and partying all over the world, the rainbow-haired DJ and producer has managed to maintain a noticeably healthy lifestyle, influential amongst her 600,000+ Instagram following.

Who better to ask when looking for tips on how to keep a healthy mindset while on the road? The AU Review caught up with Tigerlily in between international trips to chat all things travel and wellness, seeking her five best tips on how to maintain that delicate balance without sacrificing any party time.

Here are DJ Tigerlily’s top five tips on how to keep your mind fit without sacrificing your holiday.

“Sleep always comes first no matter what”

Even DJs need their beauty sleep.

Tigerlily declares that sleep is always her number one priority. She sleeps on average 12 hours a night, especially when DJing, to ensure that she is revitalised and energised for the next day. “If you’re not sleeping well, fix that, it’s the most important thing”, says Hayes. She also indicates that in order to maintain a regular exercise routine, sleep is the essential ingredient (more on that below).

“A plant-based diet has totally changed everything in my life”

Dara is a strong advocate of a vegan lifestyle and consuming plant-based products. It’s no surprise that vegan options are becoming readily available around the world and, for Dara, access has never been easier. “There are functions on websites where you can type in the word vegan for restaurants, supermarkets and shopping centres and they’ll often have a green V next to it or a plant which makes it easier when travelling,” she’s quick to point out.

Whilst globetrotting around the world, Dara ensures she brings her daily vitamins, supplements, green and protein powders. “I like to take a green powder from Byron Inspired, Tropeaka Protein Powder in the flavour Salted Caramel, iron supplements and a new product called Nutrikind that is made especially for vegans which contain B12 and omegas.”

She also swears by Dr Rhonda Patrick’s green smoothies for breakfast or lunch where she is able to digest her daily needs of micronutrients.

Although Tigerlily is a believer in a healthy lifestyle, she is not adverse to indulging from time to time. When performing, she loves to sip on champagne and enjoys a glass of rose when relaxing with friends. Recently, she’s partnered with BWS to spread the word about healthier alternatives to traditional alcoholic drinks. This includes vegan, gluten free, organic, low carb and no alcohol options, which BWS will be focusing on this year under their refreshed and refocused “lifestyle” range.

“As you know Australians are known for partying a lot, but I think more and more we’re becoming known for our love of looking after ourselves. BWS has hit a great middle ground where they are trying to assist people like us, who like partying but are also interested in wellness and balance.”

“Hydration is key”

Before every flight, Dara consumes a serious amount of water and takes a refillable water bottle on the plane. Occasionally, she likes to add Berocca or salt to her water to support electrolytes and balance her hydration. “I feel like a lot of people are chronically dehydrated and they don’t realise that it leads to so many detrimental effects physically, short term and long term.”

“Find an exercise routine that works for you”

When arriving in a new city, jet lag is often enemy number one. Hayes’ cure is to get a sweat going as soon as you land at your destination, even if it’s a 15-minute jog on the hotel treadmill or a quick jog around the city.

“Going for a run around the city is a great way to see and explore, find out about the people and culture.”

Her current exercise routine involves crossfit and pilates, although she wants to switch things up by re-igniting her yoga practice and pursuing boxing. “You don’t have to be the fittest, strongest or the leaned but finding exercise that makes you feel good that makes you reach your exercise goals whatever they may be.”

“Do things that make you feel good”

One of Dara’s wellness goals this year is to continue to be intuitive and listen to her mind and body. “I want to trust my intuition with my health practices, whether it be food, movement, relationships, and work. I think we can really often stop listening to our gut or our intuition.”

She’s a strong supporter of the 80/20 rule that encompasses dedicating healthful activities 5 days a week, so that when the weekend hits, she’s able to maintain a healthy balance between prioritising wellness and being the life of the party.

“The most important thing that I focus on is the 80/20 rule. I focus on healthful activities such as eating well, sleep, hydration, working out, swimming in the ocean and relaxing. If I do the prep beforehand during the week, then I can generally feel good even after a busy weekend. By maintaining the balance during the week and having 5 days of relatively healthy behaviour, it sets me up really well for the weekend.”

If you want more from Tigerlily you can check out her Instagram.

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