Interview: Compton emcee Buddy talks “Black”, L.A. and putting a band together

When he released Idle Time back in 2014, Compton rapper Buddy immediately showed the world he was bound to be one of the next big names in hip hop. Keeping up with features from the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell and even pop star Miley Cyrus, the young emcee proved his penmanship was as sharp…

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Chris Singh’s Picks: Five of our favourite soul, R&B and hip hop live discoveries at SXSW 2018

SXSW has always been a massive melting pot of musical influences and a platform for musical discovery but in the last few years in particular, the festival has played host to an enormous hip hop, R&B and soul community that has come together from all over the world. Whether they be some of the biggest names…

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